Launch of Crossroads - Consulting & Advisory Services

After decades of working at the world's largest institutions and building several startups, we wanted to build an organization that prioritized a culture of loving to solve problems and teaching others to do the same.

We believe that most consultancy and advisory firms have become staffing agencies and have become complacent as a result. We don't like waste and feel you solve problems from within by applying fundamental data, product, and technology solutions.

We hope you'll give us a chance to show you all the amazing things we can do together.


  • Emerging technologies - understand how machine learning/artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain are disrupting your space.
  • M&A transactions - Understand what you are buying. We sort through the most confusing and complex technical due diligence. Let us ask the hard questions.
  • Market research - Understand customer needs. Build a user centric feedback loop into your product lifecycle.
  • Agile innovation - For companies to survive, they must modernize how they solve the problems of today. We build a plan and empower you to effectively implement it.
  • Talant management - Understand what your employees need, not just what they say they want. Find teammates with the right skills and reduce employee turnover.
  • Data management - Scaling processes and applications requires an understanding of how to model the real world as data. Data modeling for transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) system is the solution.